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Professor W A Landman

His thinking and philosophy

Professor Landman made significant contributions to the application of phenomenological method in the field of Education. In this respect he proved to be an original thinker in his own right who dared to follow his own convictions. This is reflected by the fact that the approach of a number of teachers' training institutions in South Africa has been influenced by Prof Landman's thinking in one way or another.
[Prof Landman] "For the past 30 years Prof Landman has enjoyed academic recognition, not only in South Africa. Overseas researchers and authors took due note of his work in the educational disciplines. Several recent scientific studies have put his contributions in proper perspective"* (University of the Orange Free State 1995:17).

"One could truthfully state that the quality of Landman's contribution to the field of Pedagogics produced a radical change in educational thought. This is revealed by the fact that presently one cannot engage in fundamental pedagogics without taking his thinking into consideration"* (Lemmer 1987:4).

  • C.J. Lemmer's doctoral thesis (University of South Africa, 1987) entitled: W.A. Landman as pedagogue: a Study in Fundamental Pedagogics* represents a study of Prof Landman's educational thinking.
  • W.A. Hendrikz (University of Pretoria, 1995) discusses Prof Landman's work in his PhD thesis entitled: Views of some morality philosophers and its significance for education.* Chapter 6: A philosophical grounding for the phenomenon 'morality' by Willem Adolf Landman.*

*[Compiler's free translation.]