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Professor W A Landman

Awards and tributes

Through the years Prof Landman received numerous awards and citations

  • Verwoerdburg Technical College: Honorary Award for his promotion of Technical Education
  • Verwoerdburg Technical College: Rector's Trophy for his valuable service as member of the Management Council (1999)
  • Transvaal Teachers' Association: Medal of Honour (1984)
  • [Prof Landman]
  • Pretoria Teachers' Training College: Medal of Honour (1988)
  • Afrikaanse Hor Seunskool, Pretoria: Medal of Honour
  • Natal Teachers' Union: Illuminated Address (1989)
  • South African Academy for Science and Art: Stals Prize for Education (1984)
  • South African Association for the promotion of Education: Medal of Honour (1981)
  • OVSA-Sanlam : Gold Medal for the promotion of educational research (1989)
  • University of South Africa: Illuminated Address and Shield (1993)
  • 'Centurion of the Year' for his contribution to the youth, education and culture in Centurion (1997).

Further recognition for Professor Landman's contributions:

  • University of Pretoria: A seminar room in the Merensky Library was dedicated to him in recognition for his phenomenal contribution to research methodology
  • Verwoerdburg High School (now Centurion High School): Council Chambers of the student council was named after Prof Landman in 1968
  • The South African Journal of Pedagogy, 9(1), 1988, was dedicated to Prof Landman and comprises 8 articles on his contribution to Education and Research Methodology
  • C.D. Jacobs, J.B. Haasbroek & S.W. Theron dedicated their publication Effective research. Research manual for tertiary training institutions (1992) to Prof Landman for his valuable contribution to research methodology
  • Prof Landman's biographical details appeared in International Who's Who in Education in 1981. (Cambridge, England)